Gooseberry Northeast Rim

"The Gander"

This singletrack trail follows the northeastern edge of Gooseberry Mesa. It starts at the Windmill Trailhead and heads east to connect to the mesa road near Smithsonian Butte. The length of the singletrack is around 10 miles. A loop ride using the mesa road to return to the trailhead would be about 14.5 miles.

There are a lot of quick ups and downs, from a high of 5100 to a low of 4600 feet elevation. Total climbing at about 1300 for the full loop. The trail is typical Gooseberry singletrack meandering through the pinion and juniper, with lots of crunchy Shimarump conglomerate rock to navigate. It's advanced technical, but can be handled by an intermediate with some short judiciously-chosen hikes.
Photo Credits: Gene

Gooseberry Mesa, Utah 84779

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