Gould's Rim Trail

Gould's Rim Trail is a new singletrack above Hurricane. The trail consists of a equal portions of climbing on doubletrack, fairly buff singletrack skirting the edge of Gould's Canyon, and undulating narrow singletrack climbing to US-59. Point-to-point from the Hurricane Rim trailhead to the JEM trailhead, it's 8.9 miles, starting at 3600 feet and climbing to 4350. The singletrack on the upper 1/3 requires good bike-handling skills, earning the trail an upper-intermediate rating overall.

Riding options include point-to-point either direction, a 12.7-mile loop using the highway as either the uphill or downhill segment, and a nice 21.5-mile loop using the JEM and Hurricane Rim trails. The big loop should be reserved for advanced riders, or very strong, conditioned, and determined intermediates.


Hurricane, UT

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