Grafton Mesa

With connections to Wire Mesa and Big Fatty Mesa

Grafton Mesa is part of the same mountain as Gooseberry Mesa, located just west of Zion National Park. The official ride is the mesa road plus the old coach trail off the mesa. When doing the loop, consider adding Wire Mesa and Big Fatty Mesa to enjoy the views. Local riders often navigate some social trails on Grafton Mesa on their way to the downhill.

The easiest ride option is out-and-back on the mesa doubletrack to a viewpoint overlooking the Virgin River valley as it rises into Zion Canyon. This is a nice ride, 4.2 miles total with 300 vertical feet of altitude change. It's OK for beginners.

The loop ride is 9.3 miles. It features a boring but strenuous climb and a terrifying technical descent. Altitude change 1100 feet, to 4850 at the top. Non-experts will walk much of the descent down the old coach road.

Grafton Mesa, Utah 84779

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