Hog Canyon

Kanab is late to the mountain biking party. At the end of the year 2016, the only bike-legal singletrack is the 1.5 miles of trail built by mountain bikers during 2016, the Raven and Roadrunner loops. So if you're stuck in Kanab with a mountain bike, you might consider ATV trails. This page will describe two rides: an out-and-back to the TV tower viewpoint, and a big loop on top of the mesa, all on ATV track. Both rides are difficult and will offend singletrack purists.

I strongly suggest you do these rides on a fat bike. There's a ton of sand. Yes, the trails can be done on a standard XC bike. But even experienced sand-surfers will hike a little. The out-and-back TV tower ride is tough but doable for an in-shape rider with sand experience or fat tires. The full loop ride is very taxing, with steep pitches and some tricky spots -- made worse by ATV tires polishing the rock then coating it with sand. The short "inner loop" option would be enough to satisfy for most riders -- see below.

The altitude starts at 5000 feet and rises to 6000 on the loop ride. In mid-winter, this area receives and holds snow even though it's "down south." But the winter riding can be good when snow cover is minimal because the sand is wet and possibly frozen.


Kanab, UT

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