JEM Doubletrack

The JEM Doubletrack (JEM DT) is a dirt road along the northern skirts of Gooseberry Mesa. It was the uphill part of the old classic JEM loop ride. It connects eastern Goosebumps to the JEM upper trailhead.

Because upper JEM is now downhill-only, the DT is again being used as a climbing route. It's also found new life as a downhill for a loop route that combines Goosebumps and upper Dead Ringer (with a side tour of More Cowbell.)

The doubletrack is a nice route for beginners and is compatible with tow-trailers. I recommend that true beginners and out-of-shapers go only to the viewpoint spur (the blue side-trip on the map below), for a two-mile round trip. This first portion of the DT is virtually flat and super easy. The trail follows an erosion-resistant layer of Virgin Limestone that forms a platform.

JEM Trail, Utah

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