Prospector Trail

The Prospector Trail is a delightful desert romp near red cliffs of Navajo Sandstone. The trail begins on the north near Leeds, about 15 miles north of St. George, and continues southwest to Washington. The trail lies in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. The riding is easy and can be done by beginning cyclists (with a few hike-overs).

The Prospector Trail is 6 miles long, for a relatively long-ish 12-mile out-and-back. But there are two intermediate trailheads in the middle of the trail, allowing less-strong riders to break up the ride into smaller bites. The most popular parking spot is the Cottonwood Trailhead located just west of I-15 north of the SR-9 exit. Further north, the White Reef trailhead is across the freeway from Harrisburg along the road to the Red Rocks recreation area.

The trailheads at Prospector's far north and south are actually less developed (as of 2016). They also present a significantly-greater navigation challenge. At the north end, the Silver Reef trail access can be a bit hard to find, so the Harrisburg-to-Silver Reef leg is best done south-to-north.

At the southern end, the Grapevine trailhead connects to a path over a steepish hill to reach Prospector near the Church Rocks loop. There are two trails down the north side of this hill, and most riders take the uglier route. (See below in the trailhead info section.)

Prospector Trail, Utah 84780

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