Quail Creek East Lakeside Trail

The Lakeside Trail is a route that will -- one day -- go all the way around Quail Creek Lake. The western Lakeside Trail, commonly called the Quail Creek trail, is discussed on another page. This page will discuss first the south Lakeside Trail (officially called the Twist & Shout trail) then the east Lakeside trail. Together these trails go from the west Lakeside (Rhythm and Blues) parking to the secondary Quail Creek dam at Harrisburg Gap, a distance of 3.8 miles.

The Lakeside Trail also provides a route from Rhythm and Blues (and the Quail Creek west Lakeside Trail) to the Boy Scout (Quail Overlook) trails. The southern side -- Twist & Shout -- combines a bit of pavement and doubletrack with over a mile of undulating desert singletrack. It connects to the scout camp road just downhill from the eastern Lakeside trailhead, at the bottom of the hill leading to the Overlook trailhead.

The east Lakeside trail joins the northern tip of the Cub Scout Loop of the Overlook trail system, providing a quick route to the northern scout trail loops. (See the Quail Overlook page for details on these trails.)


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