Quail Creek (West Lakeside) Trail

The Quail Creek Trail (West Lakeside Trail) is an advanced-technical singletrack trail, 2.8 miles in length. An optional fork connects to the road and state park near the north end. It's located along SR 318 near Quail Creek reservoir north of Highway 9 west of Hurricane, sharing a trailhead with Rhythm and Blues and Rock and Roll.

The Lakeside Trail will -- some day -- go all the way around Quail Lake. There are other pieces of this trail south and east of the lake. East Lakeside was completed in 2016 and runs along the east side of the reservoir. The Quail Connector trail (South Lakeside) starts about 1/10th mile south of the Rhythm and Blues trailhead where the Scout Camp road starts. See the Lakeside Trail page for details.

If you're looking for information on the "scout trails" east of the dam, see the Quail Overlook trail page.

Photo Credits: Robin Carter

Leeds, UT

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