Quail Creek Overlook System

In December 2014, trail crews finished revising old hiking trails on the east escarpment of the Virgin River Anticline southeast of Quail Creek Reservoir. The result is a system of cliffside loops with fabulous views and great technical riding. It was an immediate hit among hard-core mountain bikers. This system is commonly called the Scout Trails.

The Lakeside Trail functions as part of this system for now, but is discussed on a separate page. For other riding in the Quail Creek area, see the Quail Creek Trail and Rhythm and Blues pages.

Riding here requires at least upper-intermediate skills. The full tour that includes the northernmost section (see below) is recommended for experts only. You'll be constantly rolling over and banging through rocks. Bike handling skill, upper body strength, and powerful legs make the ride more fun.
These trails hold up well during rainy weather. So the Quail Overlook system can be your go-to ride when other trails are muddy.


Hurricane, UT

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