Rhythm and Blues

Rhythm and Blues is a short mountain biking loop near Quail Creek in southwest Utah. It lies on the skirts of a mesa just south of Quail Creek Reservoir. The Rock and Roll trail lies within the Rhythm and Blues loop (see below). Riding both loops gives you a worthy six-mile ride. The trailhead is shared with the newer Quail Creek west lakeside trail.

Rhythm and Blues loop

The Rhythm and Blues loop bike trail is only 2.6 miles in length, and is a one-way trail designed to be ridden clockwise. It can be a fairly quick ride for a skilled technical rider, or a long and frustrating ride for an early-intermediate. Starting at 2900 feet elevation, there's only 100 feet of absolute elevation change, but lots of short up-and-downs add to about 300 vertical feet of climbing.


Quail Creek area

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